Mindfulness para Potenciar el Equilibrio Emocional y Reducir los Niveles de Estrés. AECID 2020

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Mindfulness for Well-being and Enhanced Teaching in Academia:

A Mindfulness-Based Program in South African Higher Education


Dear participant,

            Welcome to MINDH(Ed), the mindfulness course designed specifically for Higher Education. This research project is funded by the Mind and Life Institute, under the Varela Grant Program. We will look at wellbeing and at enhanced teaching and learning, through questionnaires (pre and post-test), and through weekly journaling and a critical incident report (I'll explain in week 6).

In this platform, you will have access to recorded materials that explain the key theoretical aspects of mindfulness practice.

Then, over zoom we will have an opportunity to practice together. As you know, you have two different slots to choose from: either on Wednesdays, from 9:30 till 11:00, or Thursdays from 14:30 till 16:00. These sessions are live and will not be recorded.


The course runs for 8 consecutive weeks. As a participant in this course, we expect from you a certain daily commitment to the mindfulness practices that are part of the course. This implies between 20 to 40 minutes of daily practice, but it will be your personal decision to see how much time you want to spend.


Furthermore, we kindly as you to complete the weekly journaling to the best of your ability: it will certainly help us in our research. You are asked to write roughly one page a week, although there is no maximum limit to your reflections. Any information shared in the questionnaires or journals will be treated confidentially and publishable material will always be done under a strict condition of anonymity and with prior agreement from the individual.




The final products of this research (journal articles and conference presentations) will be potentially available on the world-wide web, and the participants will also be informed of these publications.


Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.




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Nuño Aguirre de Cárcer

Nuño Aguirre de Cárcer